How to choose a swimsuit that suits you

   If you want to find the best swimsuit for you, what are the specifications on your swimsuit? we think we first need to know our body shape, which determines what kind of swimsuit you are fit to wear. It is recommended that you measure the maximum hip circumference, minimum waist circumference and chest before purchase, from which you can screen the size and style of the swimsuit. For the A-shaped women with small chest circumference, thin waist and wide crotch, the chest fold style with three-dimensional feeling is more suitable. Men is more suitable. Men with longer upper bodies and shorter lower bodies are more suitable for high-waisted swimming trunks, which vary from person to person and from figure to figure.

    In addition to the choice of style according to the body, the second focus of the selection of women's slim swimsuit is to choose the color and material that can highlight the advantages and cover up the disadvantages, so as to promote the strengths and avoid the weaknesses. Here follow several principles are: choose a brighter color or pattern to highlight the outstanding parts of the body, choose dark to cover up the unsatisfactory parts; The skin color white can choose any color, the skin color black can use the collision color splicing design, in order to highlight the advantages to cover up the disadvantages.

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