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  • The finals of the "China International Swimwear Design Competition" will be launched at the touch of an eye.

The finals of the "China International Swimwear Design Competition" will be launched at the touch of an eye.

The 2018 China International Swimwear Show will officially kick off on August 16th in China's swimwear city, Huludao Xingcheng. As the highlight of this international swimwear show, the "China International Swimwear Design Competition" will also greet the final battle on August 14th. Who will become the final winner and become a major attraction in the industry.

The "China International Swimwear Design Competition" presents many different characteristics: the number of high-end talents participating in the competition, the strength of the designers, the strong lineup of the judges, the strength of the support of the Xingcheng government and the wide media attention, more than the previous times. game. What is more worthy of expectation is that the winner of the "China International Swimwear Design Competition" will directly receive the government contract. Under the background of industrial upgrading, the competition has gathered thousands of things in one eye. Similarly, through various efforts, the competition has played a good role in promoting the development of the industry.

For any industry, talent is especially important. This is especially true in the swimwear industry. In order to tap more talent

The "China International Swimwear Design Competition" was hosted by the China National Garment Association, the China Textile Industry Federation Media Center, the Xingcheng People's Government, the Liaoning Textile and Apparel Association, and China Textile Asset Management Co., Ltd. Since its launch on May 22, 2018, designers from more than 10 countries including the United States, Australia, South Korea, and Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and 22 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions have participated in the consultation, and the number of participants in the consultation and registration has reached more than 3,000. The number of people in the sea was 200, and 60 people advanced to the semi-finals and made physical production. At present, more than 20 people advanced to the finals and invited to participate in the awards ceremony.

 "In this review, I saw that the level of them is relatively high, and I can see the Chinese swimwear business, and there will be a qualitative leap in the near future."

It is worth mentioning that the review of this competition also makes full use of the Internet, allowing multiple judges to conduct reviews simultaneously through the Internet, reflecting the new situation of the game and the real-time nature of the event. On August 14th, the "China International Swimwear Design Competition" will be held in Xingcheng. The original Chinese forces will also shine in China's famous swimwear base, which will open the curtain for the 2018 China International Swimwear Show.

Original power drives industrial upgrading

It is reported that the winners of this "China International Swimwear Design Competition" will be signed with the Xingcheng government, and their design works and design concepts will be directly translated into productivity. These Chinese original forces will face the upgrade of Xingcheng swimwear industry. Demand from the times. This will be the most solid step in the upgrading of the Xingcheng swimwear industry. It is foreseeable that the industrial upgrading of Xingcheng swimwear will also provide a new demonstration for the industrial transformation in Northeast China.

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